The annual Islamic Book Fair is scheduled to run February 27 through March 2 this year, and as usual is billed the largest Islamic literary event in SE Asia.

Founded in 2001, the Islamic Book Fair was created to offer a book fair with a dedicated Islamic nuance to balance the two big trade fairs in Indonesia: the Indonesia International Book Fair and the Jakarta Book Fair and to encourage Indonesian Muslims to read more.
The first event mustered only 75 Islamic publishers, but interest has grown since, as shown both by publisher attendance at the event and by increasing membership of the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI), the only professional publishing association in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI) dates back to 1950 and originated as a nationalist movement to counter the dominance of the Netherlands in the Indonesian publishing sector. From just 13 publishers in 1950, today IKAP has over 1,300 members.
At the time of writing, the Islamic Book Fair website has not been full updated for the imminent 2019 launch.

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