The 20th edition of Russia’s Non-Fiction Book Fair kicks off today for a five day run in the Central House of Artists in the capital, Moscow.

Italy is the guest of honour at the event, one of twenty participating countries this year. Those will be Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, India, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Japan, UK and of course Russia itself. The USA is noticeably absent from the list.
Over 300 publishers and professional bodies will be participating at the fair, which as the name suggests is focussed on non-fiction., and is not to be confused with the regular Moscow International Book Fair which took place earlier this year.
That said, fiction is presented at the fair, which is subdivided into the following sections:
Humanities and academic books
Аrt books, design, architecture
“Small” publishers
Business literature
“Russian Libraries”
Children’s books
“Territory of Knowledge” children playground
Antique Book Fair
Vinyl Club
More details about the Russian Non-Fiction Book Fair on the English-language version of the website.