New Zealand’s Auckland Writers Festival (AWF), intent on “strengthening Aotearoa’s literary landscape,” has launched a charitable foundation, to be run separate from the AWF Trust, that will,

allow New Zealand writers to develop and promote their works (and) cover activities for readers that increase their engagement with New Zealand literature, and projects that contribute to literacy in the country.

The grants will comprise ten one-off awards of between NZ$2,000-$5,000 (US$1,300-$3,200).
Via Australia’s Books & Publishing.
The Mātātuhi Foundation website explains that,
The Foundation will grant funds for projects that:

  • Relate to New Zealand literature (fiction, non-fiction, poetry)
  • Demonstrate innovation
  • Deliver broad community benefit outcomes
  • Use innovative and cost-effective platforms including digital
  • Are new or business expansion projects rather than business as usual
  • Represent well considered, robust propositions with identified, achievable and measureable deliverables


The Foundation will generally not cover:

  • Business-as-usual activities
  • Ongoing operational or staff overheads
  • International travel
  • Projects that can access full funding elsewhere
  • Projects connected to the annual Auckland Writers Festival

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