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The global publishing market has never been more exciting, and every day myriad publishing stories cross my screen that I’d love to develop here at TNPS, but there simply isn’t time.

They do make the TNPS twitter feed, however. Follow TNPS on twitter here: @thenewpubstd.
But twitter is an ephemeral beast. If you’re reading TNPS in the first place you probably share my obsession with all things international publishing, and won’t want to miss these stories.
So here, as a reminder that, while we all tend to focus on the easy access markets close to home, the global publishing industry getting along just fine without us, is today’s collation of some of the best recent publishing stories around the world.
And yes, as always, there’s slightly more than ten.

Romania – To Bolster Literacy and Publishing, Romanian Author-Politician Launches a ‘Pact for Books’.
Vietnam / Thailand – Vietnamese, Thai publishers seek partnerships.
Singapore -Ticket Sales Open for Singapore Festival.
Pakistan / Cuba – Pakistan, Cuba sign MoU to enhance cooperation in literature.
Poland – Satirist faces 3 years in jail for calling Poland ‘stupid, backward country’ in anti-govt piece.
Nigeria – KPMG Nigeria Unveils Initiative to Improve Child Literacy.
India / Chile – Indian poet-diplomat pays homage to Chilean poets at Santiago.
China – UBM China Joins Hands With Beijing International Book Fair to Launch Licensed Exhibition Area.
Estonia – Estonians are the most avid readers in the European Union.
France – Proust’s love letters to composer go on display before Paris auction.
Turkey – Turkish cartoonist given one-year jail sentence due to drawing featuring Moses.
Nigeria – Three Nigerian writers shortlisted in prestigious African award.
Switzerland – Swiss comic market prepares to thrive.
US / India – Meet the American who translates some of India’s finest Hindi writers into English.
Sanskrit, the ‘language of Gods’, gets its first film book.
Iran / Russia – Russian Scholar Amazed by Enthusiasm of Bookworms in Iran.
Indonesia – Pos Indonesia encourages book donations via postal service.
Africa – Bodour Al Qasimi: African Publishers Can Compete On A Global Level.
Africa – Portia Dery is Africana Book Award 2018 winner for Grandma’s List.
Ireland – Literature fans gather for summer festivals.
Malaysia – Printed books withstand the test of time.
UAE / Italy – Sharjah Invited To Be Guest Of Honour At Turin Book Fair 2019.


For those with a flair for the Romance languages or that have faith in Google Translate, check out José Manuel Anta’s Book Distribution roundup on Flipboard. Anta is Managing Director of the International Publishing and Distribution Association. Many of his post finds are in Spanish, French and Italian.