Just a year after the digital publisher Juggernaut launched its self-publishing arm Writing Platform, one of its authors has signed a movie deal.

Writing Platform is a variation on Wattpad, where unknown authors can upload their own material, but whereas Wattpad is global, Juggernaut’s version is limited exclusively to residents of the Indian subcontinent.
Launched a year ago, Juggernaut reported on its half-anniversary in November that over 35,000 stories had been uploaded and Juggernaut had issued ten publishing contracts.

We’ve had a great year with the Juggernaut Writing Platform. We launched it in May this year and have seen a massive organic growth. The platform has become our happy place to find new talent from all over the country. We are a step closer to our dream of democratizing publishing and it is all thanks to the writing platform.

Hopefully we’ll have the full year’s data from Juggernaut soon, but meantime comes news that a Writing Platform story has been optioned for a movie.
Today’s press release says,

Juggernaut Books is delighted to announce that directorRensil D’Silva has acquired the rights to Neeraj Chawla’s The Last Poisoners of 6.
The story of a family of hakims from Chandni Chowk, and the secret they harbour was first published on Juggernaut’s Writing Platform.
“This story is a little gem which is both cinematic and packs a powerful punch. It’s great to see Juggernaut championing unique writers and new voices.” said Rensil D’Silva speaking about the deal.

Juggernaut founder Chiki Sarkar added,

We’re very excited that Rensil D’Silva of Rang De Basanti fame has acquired this story. We began the Writing Platform because we believed that everyone has a story to tell, and this deal truly validates that.”

But it’s not been all good news for Juggernaut this week.
Also on the Juggernaut blog today comes confirmation an injunction against the publisher has been restored.

On May 10, 2018 Justice R.K. Gauba of the Delhi High Court restored an injunction on the publication and sale of Godman to Tycoon: The Untold Story of Baba Ramdev published by Juggernaut Books. We have received an intimation and a formal copy of the order on May 14, 2018 and have complied with it immediately thereafter.

Less than a month ago it seemed Juggernaut had won a victory for freedom to publish, when the injunction, originally instated in August 2017, was lifted.
Said Juggernaut at the time,

The April 28 order overturning the injunction is a victory for free speech. The judge noted in his judgment that  the ‘usual course, in suits like the present suit, is to protect the right of freedom and speech guaranteed to an individual/journalist/author, as guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India, unless the defense of truth, fair comment and fair reporting, pleaded by the individual/journalist/author, appears to be completely meritless.’

It’s not clear yet what Juggernaut’s options are now, but TNPS will be sure to bring you updates and as when Juggernaut announnces its next move.