It would be impossible to try cover even a fraction of the publishing news that lands on my e-desk each day, but there’s so much happening in our industry that passes unnoticed.

So here’s a selection of some of the best publishing stories from the past 48 hours or so. Apologies if some are behind pay-walls.

Cockygate: Faleena Hopkins Has Registered a Trademark on Cocky, and is Using it to Threaten Other Romance Authors.
Save Barnes & Noble!
David Leonhardt Wants to Save Barnes & Noble, But Has to Make Up Stuff About Amazon to Justify It.
Mikyla Bruder, Publisher of Amazon Publishing Worldwide: ‘When the Stories Are Good’.
Page Chaser: Books. Naps. Coffee. Repeat. HarperCollins Christian Publishing launches new online bookish community.
Pearson ‘on track’ for growth with first quarter sales up 1%.
When Current Events Help Sales.
Things I Never Knew About Writing Comics Until I Wrote Comics.
Lagardère looks to publishing as ‘power engine of the group’.
No Nobel Literature Prize In 2018.
Daunt: ‘Website and Hub will be investment priorities’.
NBF Will Consider Some Authors Living in the US without Citizenship for Awards.
Earnings, Etc.: Simon & Schuster Stable, Lagardere and Pearson Updates.
Four ‘New Models’ at Publishers’ Forum in Berlin: ‘Going Full Circle.’
Junot Diaz Accused of Misconduct, and Responds, “I Take Responsibility for My Past.”