The global publishing market has never been more exciting, and every day myriad publishing stories cross my screen that I’d love to develop here at TNPS, but there simply isn’t time.

But if you’re reading TNPS in the first place you probably share my obsession with all things international publishing, and would no doubt enjoy some of these stories.
So a regular feature of TNPS is a collation of links to some of the best publishing stories around the web that I haven’t been able to devote a full post to.
Here’s today’s collation:

Mongolia – World Book Day celebrated across Mongolia.
Jamaica – Lovegrove launches magazine for Caribbean writing.
UAE / Pakistan – Pakistan stall stands abandoned at global reading festival in Sharjah.
Philippines – Books, books, books everywhere!
UAE – Abu Dhabi book fair to exhibit more than 500,000 books.
Vietnam – We love Chinese books, say Vietnamese students.
Tunisia – Tunis book fair puts spotlight on women’s writing.
Sri Lanka – Big Bad Wolf book sale enthusiasts can check out books on FB.
UAE – 250 pop-up books displayed at the SCRF 3D book exhibition.
World – UN Celebrates World Day of Books and English and Spanish Languages.
India – World Book Day: Indian actors on their favourite books.


For those with a flair for the Romance languages or that have faith in Google Translate, check out José Manuel Anta’s Book Distribution roundup on Flipboard. Anta is Managing Director of the International Publishing and Distribution Association. Many of his post finds are in Spanish, French and Italian.
And for those seriously anal about the international publishing scene you can also find more from me at my own Flipboard roundup of global publishing news.