Singapore’s National Library Board made the headlines briefly earlier this year when Singapore joined the US and Canada in the notional OverDrive One Million Club. That is, a country where OverDrive saw over one million digital downloads.

Not such a surprise given almost half the population are library members, and that in 2016 the Singapore National Library Board recorded 33 million loans.
One might think Singapore would be an ideal place for a Kindle store, and in fact Amazon set up shop in Singapore in late 2017. But without a Kindle store or even a proper books section. Yeah, it’s a funny old world.
Not here to question Amazon’s business rationale. Books are no longer the driving force behind Amazon, so the apparently indifference to the Singapore market shouldn’t be any great surprise.
But for those who are interested in the wider book market in Singapore Devina Heriyanto over at the Jakarta Post takes a look at some “must visit places for bookworms” in the city state.
Her post looks at Singapore from an Indonesian perspective. For the TNPS take on the Singapore book market try –

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