The first of a series of digital original titles from the India young people’s voice website Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA) goes live today courtesy of the ground-breaking digital-first publisher Juggernaut.

What the Media Won’t Tell You is the first of this series that, says the Juggernaut team in a press release, will range

across different important issues – from examining different aspects of gender sensitivity, to creating a serious conversation around depression and mental health, even an investigation into the seedy underbelly of Bollywood … These books change the perspective of traditional news reporting and bring you stories and essays by young people across India about the issues that matter to them.

Anshul Tewan. founder and editor-in-chief at Youth Ki Awaaz, explains,

Young India represents a diverse demographic dividend, but their voices often go under-represented. The Youth Ki Awaaz books represent authentic citizen narratives on issues that are often ignored by our society.

Read more over at the Juggernaut blog.
The release of the first book coincides with the tenth anniversary of Youth Ki Awaaz. For insights into how Youth Ki Awaaz came about check out this post from Anshul Tewan.
For an idea of how the YKA series is likely to shape up the cover image and product summary are reproduced below, along with a link to the title on Juggernaut.
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What the Media Won’t Tell You

In this collection of eye-opening reportage, YKA reveals some of the most hard-hitting stories not covered by the mainstream Indian media. From accounts of victims of pellet guns in Kashmir, to the story of a Jharkhand village ravaged by radioactive poisoning, here are stories that really count.