The global publishing market has never been more exciting, and every day myriad publishing stories cross my screen that I’d love to develop here at TNPS, but there simply isn’t time.

I also have a rule that I don’t repeat a story published elsewhere unless I can offer some additional information or perspective that hasn’t been covered in the original.
But if you’re reading TNPS in the first place you probably share my obsession with all things international publishing, and would no doubt enjoy some of these stories.
So a regular feature of TNPS through 2018 will be a collation of links to some of the best publishing stories around the web that I haven’t been able to devote a full post to here at TNPS.
Here’s today’s collation:
2017 was a great year, say (Indian) publishers.
Bookchoice hopes careful curation will unlock digital book subscription success.
Cairo International Book Fair opens 26 January with 167 more Arab publishers.
China’s Tech Revolution: Tencent Owns Screen Time In China.
Niyogi Books (India) completes 13 years, launches 3 new imprints.
Not China, India is now the world’s fastest-growing mobile payment market.
Snapdeal, National Book Trust launch Har Hath Ek Kitab at the World Book Fair (India).
AUC Bookstore opens in Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
Industry Notes: Canada’s Wattpad Announces $51 Million in Funding.
TA First Translation Prize Shortlist Announced.