The National Book Awards are just a few days away (Wednesday 15 November) but the event is a by-invitation-only fundraiser that will set you back $1,250, so I’m thinking about watching it on Facebook Live.
Thinking about it because time zones mean I’d rather be in bed, and besides, I haven’t read any of the shortlisted titles yet.

But the point of this post is to look at the Facebook Live option as a new way of reaching audiences.
Of late the National Book Awards have been live-streamed on the National Book Awards site, but, says the Los Angeles Times,

the switch to Facebook Live will make it something that is more easily shared with friends as it’s happening. Additionally, it’s being produced by Telescope, which uses a three-camera format — in other words, it will be more like watching a televised awards ceremony (and less like a home video shot from the back of the room).

This is something we can expect a lot more of in the future, and that will help engage more people with book-related events.