Publish MENA – the digital advantage #3 is now available

The joint StreetLib-TNPS bi-weekly newsletter Publish MENA – the digital advantage released its third issue today.  Publish MENA is a bi-weekly review of the Middle East North Africa Arab publishing scene across all formats, but with an unashamed tilt towards the digital opportunity unfolding.

De Marque acquires Feedbook assets including the Feedbook digital books catalogue for $0.25 million, taking De Marque to 1.4 million titles

Paying just 230,000 euros (US$ 254,000) for the assets of the collapsed ebook store Feedbooks, the Canadian digital distributor De Marque has at a stroke just added 900,00 titles to its catalogue. There’s more to this story than at first meets the eye, so let me start with, at some length, the upbeat press release Read More …