Mogadishu Book Fair 15-17 August

Somalia’s 4th annual Mogadishu Book Fair will be happening August 15-17.

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Other Somali cities have managed to hold book fairs, including Hargeisa (last month), Kismayo and Garowe.

Last year was the first time a handful of foreign guests were allowed to attend, because of concerns for their safety. This year it is hoped we’ll see more international engagement.

In this troubled land footfall will be low compared to other book fairs we cover here at TNPS, but It’s a reminder that, in the midst of the world’s chaos and instability, books can bring tranquility, entertainment and education and a respite from the daily grind of life.

Via the Pan-Africa Authors and Publishers Network.

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  1. i am happy to see during my next visit to MBF IN THE FIRST DAY OF THE FAIR 15 August 2018

    1. Hoping to offer some coverage of the event, but usually there’s very little information available in English or that Google Translate can translate in a coherent form.

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